HD Metal

My works are printed using Chromaluxe® brand aluminum sheets for the highest quality possible. Recent tests show Chromaluxe® brand has more than 3x better permanence than Kodak Silver Halide Prints, resisting fading for 65+ years!

My art is heat infused directly into the metal creating unsurpassed resolution and color vibrancy. There is a strict commitment to color checking all prints to color calibrated monitors before printing.

HD Acrylic 360

My art is printed on high resolution archival Epson Metallic Photo paper using Epson archival inks. This paper gives the piece a luminous and iridescent appearance. This works well with so many of my pieces!

My art is then mounted onto a clear 1/4" acrylic, finished with a 1/8” sheet of acrylic adhered to the back. This mounting, vs printing directly onto the acrylic, creates a much more vibrant print. Depending on the piece and my discernment, I choose a matte or glossy finish.

Finally, the edges are diamond polished with a 3 step process to ensure a diamond shine that adds a stunning finishing touch. This medium is by far my favorite for many of my pieces. It creates a truly unique piece of art that I hope you will treasure for years to come!