Art was not something I was looking for, instead it found me. I create my art through bytes and pixels. Many don’t grasp the concept of algorithmic art, but this fits perfectly with who I am as a person vocationally and who I’ve become as an artist. Dealing with multiple disabilities that prevent some fine motor movements and cause visual disability, I find my artistic expression through adaptive technical modalities and devices. I have leveraged new ability despite disabilities and art has become a therapeutic endeavor for me. This marriage of technology and composition allow me to explore brand new ways of expressing myself. My art expression is a constant venture into a world of experimentation where each piece utilizes up to 8 different processes and blends artificial intelligence and fractal design with manual methodologies. All of my work is generated digitally and printed directly onto HD Acrylic sheets or HD Aluminum panels. These two unusual mediums provide a depth and brilliance that the digital art I create demands. I am an emerging artist that lives my artistic expression in the digital age and utilizes technology to bring my artistic inspiration to life.

Artistic abilities came to me suddenly after a relapse from Multiple Sclerosis and worsening traumatic brain injury in 2017. This became the spark that fired something in me and has led me to a life as a full-time artist in Sarasota, FL. I am retired due to disability and this has afforded me the opportunity to delve in deeply and create constantly.

I think of my artwork as little escapes from the hardships that come from living a life with a certain level of disability. I create my work from the vantage point of a Disabled Veteran with multiple chronic and progressive illnesses. My works are my own escapes into an alternate reality that exists through math formulas and the beauty of fractals. While not all of my works are fractals, I find much of my base in these beautiful and often spiritual and infinitely iterative designs. My works come to life as spurts of inspiration that demand follow-through. Sometimes inspirations come as a quick series of works - like my flowers or cool cats - and sometimes they walk the path of more modern, abstract work. Still others have an other-worldly or sci-fi feel. Each piece is a natural extension of inspiration that comes from outside of me. My art continues to be a perfect melding of left and right brained thinking - a cognitive amalgamation of inspiration and engineering.

I continue to find inspiration through my own abilities as have others who have viewed and experienced my work. It is my hope to continue to create art and inspire those who view it - both within and outside of the Veteran community.