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Through the eyes of a synesthete - the true language of color without words ... created intuitively. Such is the purest expression of my acquired Savant artistic gift. A colorful and meaningful fractalized sequence. Very symbolic of my own art awakening. The closest thing to a clear synesthetic vision. It came to me very clearly and kept me up until the wee hours of the morning having to recreate each section, animate it and put it to music. Total time to complete all visual aspects - approx 4 hrs. The somewhat abstract musical sounds and textures were waiting for this sequence to arrive in moments of quiet and focus. These textured sounds with a bit of dissonance, repetition, syncopation and staccato are what drove such a colorful array with movement. Thanks for sharing my artistic journey with me.


The music composition and art by me. #dianadeavila #artisticawakening #synesthesia #acquiredsavant #thirdeye #synestheticvision #spiritual #techspressionism #techspressionist #digitalart #nft #timebasedart #savantartist #savantartistcollective Music and art by me.

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