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Wearable art!  I've brought some of my abstract and fractal creations to a platform called RageOn! that does some great clothing items.   Buy wearable art and something individual! Here is a sampling below - I currently have over 800 designs and more coming.   You can get a sampling here and can visit that store here and take a peek:


Messing with rubik

When I created this design, I felt a mix of geography and Rubik’s cubes. Lots and lots of colorful cubes. Abstract art, modern art, Rubik's Cube, wearable art. Design by: Diana de Avila modern art, wearable art, abstract design, cubism 


study of halves

My mind loves lots of symmetry so when I created this abstract, modern design ... it was with touches and finishes that pleased my soul. A slice here, a slice there and lots of halves. Also my signature red dots. Design by: Diana de Avila modern art, wearable art, abstract design, circles, geometric 


Down the rabbit hole

A whimsical take on one of the most loved or hated Easter treats. I had fun with peeps and fractals. Fractal, repeated design of yellow Rabbit Peeps. Marshmallow Peeps, wearable art. Design by: Diana de Avila whimsical, peeps. marshmallow peeps 


The Geometry of Everything

A geek’s journey with a hitchhiker’s guide to and through the universe. This design is part fractal, part modern, abstract art. Wear the shirt with the perfect number and tons of geometry. People will wonder what it all means ... you can just tell them "It's complicated ... you wouldn't understand." Design by: Diana de Avila hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, geometry, 42, perfect number, fractal design, digital, CDs, 



One of my favorite pieces, I’ve turned it into a hoodie or T-shirt. Beautiful abstraction and wearable art. Design by Diana de Avila, modern art, abstract art, circles, magnetism, magnets, dots


Simple Things

This is a fractal hybrid image. Life by the seashore, simple things. Like plunking a beach chair down in cool sand and feeling the silky Gulf waves lap against my ankles. Ahhhhh! Beneath all of the simplicity is a hard-working fractal made from mathematical algorithms and going on for eternity - like that ocean scene. A geek's view of the sea. Design by: Diana de Avila fractal, seashore, ocean, Gulf, sand, surf, turquoise, clouds, sky, sea foam


Blocked in Blue

My blocked cubist design inspired by Mondrian done in blue. Design by: Diana de Avila cubism, modern art, Piet Mondrian, geometric design, Eames colors, Eames, mid-century modern


Fractal No. 31

It's so hard to name a fractal design - each one is individual like a Geek's Tie-dye shirt made from mathematical algorithms and going on for eternity. How cool is that? Design by: Diana de Avila fractal art, aqua, fractals, spiral, mandelbrot, julia, green, red, orange, tie-dye


Swirly Green Goodness

A green fractal design that was fun to put on a sneaker - but it looks good on a dress to a hoodie too.  Take a peek.


The Dragon Lies In Wait


Scattered Geometry

Wearable abstract art, I created this design as a play on basic shapes. Layering them, sorting them, moving them around. Modern, abstract art. Balance and composition. Design by: Diana de Avila abstract art, modern art, geometry, cubism, olive green, lines, squares