“Art” - the Amazing ‘Benefactor’

Art has been an amazing therapeutic and meaningful journey for me. It’s also been very giving to me as well … art is a wonderful benefactor. It’s one of the many reasons I feel that my artistic gift is a gift from God, and God alone. God gets the credit for any personal inspiration or confidence I feel when making inroads for myself into this new world. I make those inroads without shame and in faith. Even though I am a rookie, I feel like I have been creating art for a lifetime with a lifetime more to learn. That is God’s gift to me. I’m very blessed that I have something in my life to consume me in such a wonderful way. Art is God’s gift to me and I am eternally thankful.

Art has given me hope, new meaning in life, and an almost bottomless wonder and fascination with a never ending curiosity. There are enough of all of these things to take me throughout my lifetime and help me move forward in a happier and more engaged way.

The first picture was created on 17 July 2017 and was my first ever abstract - I was able to experiment with the Wacom Tablet. I started with all these free-form blob things as you can see in the first two pictures. It just felt good to work things out over time and discover color, composition and movement. The one next to it is called “Voodoo Triangles and was created in September 2018 along with the rest of them.