Perception - I see things a little differently!

I learned something when I examined this picture today and I think it might shed a little light on the way my brain processes and could be a look into why I developed artistic ability through brain injury - maybe this gives an inkling of insight.

When I looked at this, all the plates immediately flipped. I mean immediately. No 15 seconds needed for me.


I also noticed, that I could almost as easily flip them back around. Right side up, upside down, right side up, upside down at will. Ok, that was kind of cool … but I discovered something cooler. I realized that in my right eye I could keep them flipped down the mid-line while in the left eye, I could keep those plates flipped up. WTH??!!! Visual and mental gymnastics!!!

IMG_1882 2.jpg

I deal with two independent eye conditions and both of them kind of suck. #1 is optic neuritis that has happened a lot due to Multiple Sclerosis. This disease has been a nemesis to my eyesight … but it used to bounce back pretty well. #2 is a thinning of the corneas called Keratoconus “KC”. (more about that here) My eyes can be a challenge … and that’s probably why I favor a lot of the brighter palettes at times.

Does this ability to flip the images around explain some of my artistic ability and my understanding of space? I think it does. This was one of the first things I noticed with the onset of artistic abilities … the ability to see and understand space differently and better.

The creation below “Strange Worlds” is a result of my sometimes strange perception and longing for depth using light and shadows.

Strange Worlds