2019, here I come! Ending 2018 with "The Pearl of France"

In 2017, I began my art journey and while I have not officially hit the two year mark, I feel as if I have been creating for a lifetime. This is my updated “penny” with the year change.

Updated penny with 2019.

Updated penny with 2019.

My final piece of 2018 was a seaside town on the French Riviera called Menton. I titled this piece “The Pearl of France” - a title Menton is known as. I’ve never traveled to France before but am always enamored and amazed by some of the beautiful and colorful buildings on the hills throughout Europe. This piece captures so much of what I love when looking at a photograph and trying to find and express the best interpretation for me. Something that captures little details, like the blue sailboat cover or the two sided lighthouse - both painted and bare. Clouds moving in and a steeple that reaches towards the sky. Non-abstract pieces are more of a rarity … but I wanted to do something special to close out 2018. “The Pearl of France” is the piece that shuts the door on this year and ushers in a new one.

The Pearl of France
Diana de Avila