"Majestic" - Entering it into the National Veterans Creative Arts Competition

I recently made the decision to enter “Majestic” into the 2019 National Veterans Creative Arts Competition. A few weeks ago, I was struggling over my decision regarding what piece to choose and on what medium? As it turns out, Majestic” had not made it’s way out of my creative consciousness yet. It still had a couple more weeks left to brew in the depths of my soul until things materialized. I have no better way of explaining art’s expression through me - it just happens spontaneously and feels instinctual. It’s a cool and very new feeling. Even music (drums and guitar mainly) never felt this natural or easy.

“Majestic” just felt right for this competition. Even if this piece does not make it to the National level, it will be on display in the Spinal Cord Injury Clinic at the James A. Haley VA Hospital - that’s a very humbling prospect. I feel very blessed in the journey and honored to have a voice.

Update 13 May 19 (RIP, Dad - 10 yrs) - the piece made it to the National Level but did not “place”. It will be on display at the Straz Center in Tampa, FL with other artists’ pieces. I’m making arrangements to donate this piece to the Tampa Veterans Hospital Spinal Cord Injury Center. I can think of no better honor.

“Majestic” this piece is the ultimate expression of serenity to me.

“Majestic” this piece is the ultimate expression of serenity to me.