Brain Injury, MS and Art

Sometimes life becomes art. This piece is geometric and modern but I felt called to create something very meaningful and more personal. A piece that would evoke a strong, visceral response from the onlooker and me. Each time I see it, I sense something different.

“Brainstormed” (the name itself has it’s own meaning to me) came naturally. This chaotic piece is filled with so much meaning. Having a greater understanding of that tells me that my art is going deeper, deeper within the abyss of human existence - of my own existence and existential search for meaning. There is so much to the story in this piece. I’m part of a special club (not by choice but by happenstance and accident) - it’s the “Disabled Veteran” club - and I am part of a subset of this special club as a “spinal cord injured” Veteran with Multiple Sclerosis (I am a functional quadriplegic) and a traumatic brain injury patient due to my motorcycle accident while in the Army. The TBI is different than my MS, it came long before MS showed itself to me. Sometimes I don’t know what is what - and it actually doesn’t really matter at this point. I am coping, and coping well.

So much here. I’ll leave it for your own interpretation - I already have mine - I’m learning that that is what art is all about.

“Brainstormed” - it means so much to me.

“Brainstormed” - it means so much to me.

Diana de Avila