Donations and thoughts ...

I just had one of the greatest honors in my lifetime! I received the letter below after making the donation of my “Majestic” artwork to the Tampa James A Haley VAMC SCI (spinal cord injury) unit. The piece will be placed in the USO Room where spinal cord injured Veterans go to play and rest. It will be on display with a nameplate. That absolutely humbles me to my core. I don’t know how else to explain it. Truthfully, i have probably given as much art away to charity as I have sold it. It feels so good to do - and it’s the right thing to do - my art begs to be used for good. Truth be known though I have to sell it in order to give it away. But I thought, what if I took donations in order to fulfill donations to various charities? Make sense? Almost like an Art Grant program. Art is something that lives outside of me and works through me. My art feels mystical and beautiful. It certainly feels way beyond any natural ability I possessed. That’s how I know that the car is being driven by something else - apparently that something else lives in my brain and made an emergence in 2017. It’s a gift I have to cherish and nurture - I have to continually learn. It’s a gift that begs to be given away. What good is art - especially in digital form - if it can’t come to life in the physical form?

I’m going to sleep on it …

Diana de Avila