Art in the Community - Contacted by my VA Spinal Cord Doctor about an Opportunity

I received a call out of the blue last night - around 7:30 pm - while I was eating dinner. The caller ID pointed to my SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) Primary (she is a Rehabilitation doctor) and my mind began to wander towards something not so good. Why wouldn’t it? Only a natural reaction to have when your doctor calls you off hours. But it ended up to be a good call … and while I don’t have much if ANY information … she was looking for a straight “yes” or “no” answer right then and there. Like a good Soldier, the volunteerism comes more easily … especially when it’s about a cause I really care about. This is THAT cause. I was a brief 5 minute conversation packed with excitement on both sides … but not laden with any details. So few details …. But that’s ok.

I do know a few things that my doctor mentioned … and the heart of it was “storytelling by injured Veterans in the community … and sharing my art and my business (which is art)”. I remember a few key points:

  • the doctor saw my piece on the Suncoast News Network - Multiple sclerosis relapse turns a disabled army veteran's disabilities into artistic ability - the video appears to be gone or hidden, but the article is still there. This piece received national exposure.

  • something about spinal cord injured Veterans going out into the community to inspire.

  • something about “storytelling” and talking about my art and promoting my art business.

  • something about donating some of my art to some venues.

It was a quick conversation that is going to have a lot of follow up. We’ll plan that in the coming weeks. I feel that my “art gift” (I call my abilities a gift because that is what they feel like) is meant to be shared. I feel a special affinity towards the Veteran community and have already found a home in this community. I’ve also applied for a membership in a local Sarasota Art Collective and hope that perhaps they’ll find that I’d be a good candidate. This collective seems all about giving back to the community and bringing art there - it seems like a proper fit.

I don’t fit the artist mold - if there really is one. I happened upon art by accident (or by worsening brain injury) and as a woman nearing her mid-50’s. But Art is with me now and it occupies my days and my thoughts at night. It’s what my “work” has become and how I have evolved and continue to evolve. It’s what and who I embrace and what I want to do while I can do it. To help myself to reach more people through inspiration - and to be able to fabricate and print more art - I’ve applied for a local grant called the “John Ringling Towers and Opportunity Grant”. This would allow me to print more, donate more and do more in the community. The gift is not my own, it is meant to be shared and I’m doing what I can to make that happen.

I’m also waiting for a Sarasota Herald Tribune article to come out - a profile piece written by Tom Becnel. He spent several hours with me and wanted to talk with people who knew me. I think that this will let others get to know me - a lot of about me - and my art journey. My life has been very unique from Army to the Convent to many stops in-between. But I am rambling.

Very excited about all of it!

“Cotton Candy Summers” A happy piece evoking warm thoughts of childhood memories.

“Cotton Candy Summers” A happy piece evoking warm thoughts of childhood memories.

“Scorched” - an entirely different mood!  Evoking it through color and composition.

“Scorched” - an entirely different mood! Evoking it through color and composition.

"angst" and the 'Mysterious Lady' - an artistic expression of my alter ego

What do you see when you look at this piece? Is it the eyes, the hands the lips? All those things more readily visible if you look for them. Is it the abstract mask removed from her face featuring her eyes and nose more prominently but tipped on it’s side? That is there too if you can find your way to it. She removes the mask and reveals that person deep inside. What about the scribbles on her lips, coming out of her mouth?

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“Art” - the Amazing ‘Benefactor’

Art has given me hope, new meaning in life, and an almost bottomless wonder and fascination with a never ending curiosity. There are enough of all of these things to take me throughout my lifetime and help me move forward in a happier and more engaged way.

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