If you are interested in a certain piece on a certain substrate and size, I am happy to work with you.  I also sell different pieces in different marketplaces including ETSY and eBay.   In the future, I will bring purchasing directly to the site.


SRQ Mercantile on ETSY

This is the marketplace I have been parking most of my artwork.  You can purchase directly off of ETSY and your order will take about 5 days to process. 


Diana de Avila's MERCH on RAgeOn!

Merch on RageOn! from shower curtains to hoodies.  The turnaround is long as many of the products are cut and sew.  They ship from Poland.


You can purchase some of my items on Redbubble - I am adding designs all the time.

Contact me directly!

You can always contact me directly and let me know if you want a piece on canvas, acrylic, aluminum, a poster or a mug ... or something else.