Let Me Make You Into Pop Art!

After a recent series of pop art caricatures driven by my savant gift of synesthesia, I seem to be able to better harness the mechanics and techniques more "on demand".  My process does not use Photoshop to manipulate a photograph and does not use a layover or photographic filter to achieve a certain affect. It is not reliant on any one piece of software and no two workflows are exactly the same.  One of the first steps involves using basic polygonal shapes. The piece takes form using devices, manual techniques and artificial intelligence to make a truly unique piece of art with a touch of math and technology driving the outcome.

These are the same techniques I used to create Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Mick Jagger and so many others.  But now, calling upon them on demand, I have been able to create commissions.  You can see some of my work below. 

If you would like me to create a unique piece of pop art of you or a favorite pet, I can do it:

- as a digital file that you are free to use as you would like.  Cost is $300-$500 based on the preparation work needed.   50% payable before beginning the project.

- as a physical print on metallic canvas, metal or acrylic.  Cost determined by size.

Got that special headshot you want memorialized in a special way?  Please contact me for next steps and let's collaborate!