Ms. De Avila is a US Army Disabled Veteran and digital contemporary artist who discovered art ability after a relapse from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and worsening traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2017. The relapse immediately affected her vision and cognition and rewired something in her brain that invoked artistic ability. The rewiring happened quickly and dramatically, like a lightening strike. Something changed and she noticed a loss in short-term memory and an increase in a capability to understand colors and space - translating into art. She continues to translate her experience and perceptions into the eclectic and sometimes modern or mind-bending style that can be seen throughout her art. Her style is “consistently inconsistent” - with a modern vibe and rife with technical complexity. While the artwork is very different from piece to piece - utilizing different colors and shapes - the techniques are very consistent. She says that the process of creating art feels perfectly intuitive to her now. This intuitive process often leads her to the creation of one-of-a kind artworks that are unable to be easily replicated. Diana is a former engineer and also a former school psychologist - her brain tends to process things very literally and quantitatively. This can often be seen throughout her art. She tends to live life using more the left side of her brain working through a series of algorithms - numbers are her gig.

“My Invisible War” - self-portrait at 18. US Army Military Police - 95 Bravo -Combat MP.

“My Invisible War” - self-portrait at 18. US Army Military Police - 95 Bravo -Combat MP.

She engages in complex fractal art as well as modern abstracts. Her medium is completely digital and she has leveraged up to 8 (out of 20+) software applications to complete each piece. Currently, she prints her work on HD metal panels and HD acrylic sheets. She feels that these mediums best display some of the intricacies and complexities found in her work. Because of it’s digital nature, her artwork can be resized from small to large scale. She appreciates the flexibility that a digital medium provides and feels that this flexibility fits who she is as an artist. She resides with her wife in beautiful Sarasota, Florida.

A news piece on her art story was done by SNN in Sarasota, FL and has received national exposure: Veteran credits MS relapse for new artistic ability

Diana de Avila
Sarasota, FL 34241

diana@dianadeavila.com | V: (813)-434-0751 | F: (941) 866-9049