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ArtLifting Exclusives (Coming Mid-June 2024)


Diana de Avila

Sarasota, Florida


“My art came suddenly, like a bolt of lightning.”


Diana de Avila’s synesthesia driven digital artwork hones in on themes of galactic, math, and science-related forays, as well as spiritual exploration and introspection into the mastery of color and movement.


From an Army military police officer to nun to educator, and through traumatic brain injury, MS, and migraines, Diana has excelled in living adventurously despite challenges. In 2017, Diana suddenly and unexpectedly became an acquired savant, and in true Diana spirit, she explored this talent with tenacity and wonder; creating work that is vibrant, multi-faceted, and empowering.


Images for 10+ Reproductions Only (June 2024)

For other Applications

Other Works in my initial Portfolio (June 2024)

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