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I haven't been creating art for that long.  My journey began in 2017 and came about with thunderous creativity and a need to create.  Below are some of my first abstractions as I dove into color and composition.  Often chaotic and out of sorts, I felt the intense compulsion to create and get things out of my head.  While I tried the physical canvas and brush for about 4 weeks, the development of my digital work far outpaced anything I tried to create on canvas.  Digital work quickly became my home and made perfect sense as I already had a knowledge of computers and technology.  I never could have imagined leveraging that knowledge to create digital art.

My first piece after my "Cool Cat" series was created in July 2017 and is called "Boomerangs and Blobs." Many pieces did not have names per se because I was creating so prolifically.  Many were "Abstract No. #." 

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