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“Life Gets Messy” - The Biennial Project

Was just notified that “Life Gets Messy” was accepted into the collective body of work for The Biennial Project 2022. Exciting! I totally love the vibe and sense of humor!

“What happens when deserving mid-career artists decide that they want to hit the big time---the REALLY big in the art world’s most prestigious biennial exhibits? The answer lies with the artist collaborative known as The Biennial Project. Formed by Eric Hess, Anna Salmeron and our friends, the “Project’s” objective is to develop a collective body of work that will ultimately be featured in as many biennial exhibitions as possible—especially the really cool ones.

Join these fun-loving, creative mavericks on their crusade to storm the barricades of the art world establishment.” #techspressionism #digitalartist #thebiennialproject #whitneybiennial #venicebiennale #abstractart #ai #dianadeavila #nawa

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