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"After Humpty's Fall" Classic Van's Slip-ons

"After Humpty's Fall" Classic Van's Slip-ons

This is a custom product made with my art. This particular shoe features my fractstraction "After Humpty's Fall"


The buyers of my genesis Van's design get a free 6x8 signed print while supplies last.


  • Return Policy

    Customized shoes are non-returnable.

    Please know your size in Van's  before ordering.

  • Lead Time

    These custom shoes will ship in 3-4 weeks.

  • Sizing

    Since custom shoes are non-returnable, please know your size. Van's has a handy application that converts CM to size

  • Classic Slip-ons

    The Slip-On that’s been Setting Trends Since 1979

    The Classic Slip-On, with its “No Laces, No Problems” approach, was first introduced to the world in 1979. Since then, it’s become a pop culture icon, known for its ability to dress up or down, its reliable comfort, and the flexibility to adapt to everyone’s style

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