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Experimentation and Art

I am a member of ISEA and recently submitted an entry to the juried online show and I had to write a statement about why my piece is experimental. I wanted to share it because it explains the creation of my art.

I am a digital artist who works primarily with artificial intelligence and fractal geometry. I create my art using a combination of both parametric and generative methods. Most often, the inspiration for my creations arrive as a synesthetic vision which is an artifact of a brain injury. I use software tools and combine workflows from over 100 different applications and multiple devices to get the images out of my head and into the real world. I am a synesthete and acquired savant artist with no art training or experience prior to 2017. Every venture to express my synesthesia onto a digital canvas is a journey into experimentation with algorithms, texture and color. “Splinter Man” is the perfect experimental blend using 4-6 applications, an iPad and an iMac computer. “Splinter Man” is even more experimental in that this piece is being minted into an NFT and is part of a International 250 NFT artist collaboration on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

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