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Foundation.App - NFT Creator! Finally!

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

I have been working since March to try to get an invite to Foundation. Things finally paid off and I got my invite and actually minted 9 NFTs today!

The first two minted pieces were Sweet Audrey - a rendition of my pop-art and Twisted and Shattered a time-based piece that uses dispersion and looks like metal!

I have been listed on Rarible and OpenSea for several months ... but the ability to be able to get into Foundation via an Invite was a dream come true for me. I'll start my reserve price low in hopes of building a collector base and actually selling some NFT work.

If you are interested in taking a chance on me, and my NFT work ... your speculation may just pay off in due time. Soon, I'll have some very exciting news to share (three news points exactly) and my star appears to be on the rise. That's all I will say about that.

Keep an eye out for my work and if you are a speculator and NFT collector and have your wallet set up, consider a bid.

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