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Letter From Dr. Darold Treffert - Acquired Savant Syndrome Guru (50+ years)

From January 16, 2020

I just received a letter from the top Savant doctor in the US who has been studying them for over 55 years. Dr. Darold Treffert. I felt inspired to reach out to him - I was told yesterday that they were passing along my story but to be patient regarding contact - it would take awhile. Well, a day later and he wrote to me!!

Since the initial letter below, I have written him about the fact that I am now seeing my work in 3D!! I see layers in all my fractals - I can name what's on each layer and in order. The one caveat is that it only happens with a screen (backlit). So, TV, computer, phone and tablet. I wish you could see what I see in these art pieces I create. Dr. Treffert's note. -- Diana Your letter to the Treffert Center was referred to me. I reviewed your bio, artwork and video clip. Your story is compelling and your artwork amazing. Your story reminds me a lot of Jason Padgett from his book “Struck by Genius”, even though his dormant talent was math rather than art. But the new synesthesia he experienced was very similar to your awakening. May I share your experience with Maureen Seaburg who wrote the book with Jason and is an expert in synesthesia. I appreciate having your story and artwork available. I do get requests regarding acquired savants and would like to add you to our registry with your permission. You can review some of my writings on acquired savant syndrome and sudden genius on the website or at web site. I am in contact with another such artist who is considering starting a facebook site for other acquired savants to share their experience with each other. I hope that might come about. Beyond that I hope someone might do a good documentary on that topic to explore more deeply that amazing phenomenon. You can check out some of my thoughts on the Scientific American 2014 piece on sudden genius or view my TED talk in Fond du Lac by Googling TED talk, Treffert, Fond du Lac, Sudden Genius.

I am not sure where the next step is in distributing information about this extraordinary phenomenon but I appreciate knowing of your story and artwork. Thanks for sharing. If this note triggers questions, send them on. Darold A. Treffert, M.D.

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