My Pop-art Binge - Where the Creative Wind Blows ... Two Full Weeks

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

My brain moves where it wants to and how it wants to. Over the past 6 months or so, I have been deep into creating fractals and putting them into motion. Almost non-stop synesthesia visions of floating and moving shapes. I felt really blessed to be able to put them into motion and bring my personal experience just a bit closer to the viewer. I think that my motion art is the closest depiction to portraying what I sense and see. That was a big breakthrough in my artistic expression! Such a breakthrough feels very validating and freeing. Unbeknownst to the viewer, the artistic journey can be torturous for me as I fall short at portraying what I am actually experiencing in my synesthetic visions. I really try though and I am getting closer all the time.

A little over two weeks ago a character from a Canadian shot TV show called "Queer as Folk" popped into my head. Gale Harold is the actor who plays the "antihero" in QAF and is filled with attitude and bravado. A certain look of Gale as "Brian Kinney" popped into my head like a synesthetic vision and I knew I had to find a way to recreate it. What was happening? Was this an opening to a new series? Was it something new in my brain that wanted to be created from a mishmash of memories and sounds? Hooks from songs, movies or TV scenes? Indeed it appeared to be! It started with Gale Harold and the latest and perhaps the last is Julie Andrews from Victor/Victoria. I have no idea where it starts and ends but I'd like to explain how I feel it works:

A vision comes of a celebrity or musician and I have to find a way to create it by locating a photograph akin to the basic image that exists in my mind. There has to be a match! The photo captures one basic element of a look, a smile, a longing. Each piece has a facial element that seems to be the main aspect I am trying to capture--the one element that calls out to me almost in a synesthesia type of way. A stare, a certain facial expression. One big difference between my pop art and my fractals is that there is no sound associated with any of them ... no music playing, no TV, nothing. There is nothing I can associate with the creation of these pieces except a slight association with colors ... I even thought for an instant that smells could be driving or triggering them. But neither association seems as strong as it is with my fractals in all their forms whether as stills or in motion.

As I think back, my flowers and birds were created with the same type of inspiration as these pop art portraits. One aspect seems to come through very strongly in my mind's eye and and I create around that thing. The aspect and inspiration comes as a strong rush of feeling and doing. The doing and creating happens very intuitively. It's all very strange to me because the "accidental artist" in me has no idea where it comes from or where it is going to lead. Creating in this way feels like the ultimate act of trust and for me it is the only authentic way to create.

I've had several requests to create certain celebrities and it just does not seem to work that way ... and I've tried. I just can't force it. While I have been on a nearly 2 week #PopArtBinge I think that perhaps this binge of creativity is actually winding down now. How can I tell? I can tell by the abstract shapes and ideas that are now making themselves more visible in my field of vision. I'm unsure if both pop art and fractals or abstracts can exist at the same time? This type of creative process seems all-consuming. It's the same creative process that makes the production of my art very compulsive.

Fractal Manipulation created from 70,000 primitive shapes
"Into the Ether"


The final pop art piece as of 8/24/2020 is my "Victor/Victoria - Julie Andrews" portrait which is devoid of color. Up to this point in my #PopArtBinge, no visions of abstract shapes, self-similarity or fractal geometry. Just people - eyes, faces, mouths. Could this desaturation be a hint of a series on its way out? In its place seem to be coming a chaotic influx of shapes and colors - very disorderly. I have confidence that my synesthetic visions will reorder themselves in time. For the moment though, they feel a little temperamental ... almost if they are saying "Did you miss me?"

"Into the Ether"- A fractal manipulation created from 70,000 primitive shapes.

My #PopArtBinge on full display. Staring with Gale Harold and apparently ending in a desaturated Victor/Victoria.

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