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"Lover's Embrace" - Anniversary Piece - Celebrating 2 years of Creating Art.

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Original blog post from June 23, 2019

When the gift of art came to me suddenly in June/July of 2017, I had to find a way to create what was newly in my brain. The colors and the shapes that were moving about demanded to come to life. They came as vector cats (cool cats) and through blips and blobs on my new digital canvas. The gift was there then … but time and practice has refined the gift over the past two years as my tools and methods continue to increase. This piece, “Lover’s Embrace”, is a more refined celebration of the “blobs” that I placed on canvas.

“Lover’s Embrace” celebrates four pairs of figures, face to face - front to front - and a simple sensuality passing between them. Embracing, engaging in different levels of space through position and perceived movement. This is my two year anniversary piece.

"Lover's Embrace" created in the spirit of my first abstract called "Boomerangs and Blobs"

"Boomerangs and Blobs". My first abstraction created in July of 2017 and inspired by a host of swimming colors and shapes (synesthesia) that were flying around in front my face.

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