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"Soldier, Sister, Savant" - My Story & Art!

My co-authored book is being released on September 8! You can read more about it and my co-author and dear friend Wilma Davidson here. We've been working on it for a little over a year and it's a reality now.

Wilma and I decided to do our own little signing party and signed 25 copies to keep on hand for giveaways, etc. We've already sent copies out to most of our reviewers. The both of us were extremely humbled by this experience and we can't wait until we can get them into the hands of readers! My hope would be that Soldier, Sister, Savant offers a source of inspiration and wonder as human potential is explored. This art gift, it's amazing ... I'm amazed constantly and it enlivens and enriches my faith more than almost anything else I can think of. WOW!

I look serious, but I was having fun. I found a Sharpie to be the best signing tool. Wilma chose a classic pen.

Amazon (and other retailers) are taking pre-orders -

Learn more on our website:

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