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"Unafraid" my reflections and inspiration.

Blog post from June 20, 2019

Sometimes an inspiration comes so swiftly and dramatically to me that I have to bring it to life and do it with urgency - this one woke me up this morning after I had been working on it for several days. The title spoke to me and came instantaneously as inspiration much in the same way the symbolism did. So what does this piece say to me? Here is what I feel.

Central to “Unafraid” is the sublimated image of a lion’s head - the male with his large mane and staring straight into my soul. The Lion of Judah. The lion is not completely obvious, but He can make His presence known if you spend time looking at the work. The lion for me is symbolic of strength and courage, of protection and guardianship - of my spirituality and my daily walk. The Lion of Judah sits amidst abstract floral structures that carry themselves across layers on the canvas (moving from right to left and forward to back). They are symbolic of a planting and “blooming” … and in their depths are found the strength of the lion sitting with patience and keeping watch. Being planted and blooming amidst obstacles and walls and challenges and chaos. This is my meditation and the spirit in which “unafraid” was created.

In all of the stages of my life, the planting and blooming amidst the most chaotic and challenging of circumstances … the lion and all He symbolizes sits there quietly, keeping watch and lending all the courage and assurance I need. He assures me that I am not alone and that my courage, much like my art, has origins outside of me.

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